Some Client Comments

Neil Woods

Administrator (Coordinator of Activities)

International School Manila

“Timothy provided a topnotch training course this September (2013). He provided our IB teachers with well-structured, thought-provoking and thoroughly engaging training useful for inexperienced and seasoned teachers alike. Timothy deftly steered us through new challenges with smart, illuminating and imaginative class based examples. He brings a wealth of practical experience, a sharp intellect and flexibility to his sessions. Through clever and imaginative delivery, he expertly led us through the content of our new syllabus, and the implications this will have upon our teaching. We have a broad range of experience in the department and Tim surpassed everyone’s expectations.”

Ian Garioch

Head of Middle & High Schools

Busan International Foreign School

“Dear Tim,
Thanks for the excellent workshop. You clearly have your finger on the pulse of the heartbeat driving the Diploma. ToK provides a fantastic route into inquiry in the Diploma classroom, and your knowledgeable, practical workshop provided us with a clear focus and direction to improve inquiry based methods in Diploma subjects. The discussions througout the workshop gave me a valuable insight to the staff here at BIFS.
Thanks again, and I look forward to further discussions.

Andrew Hoover

Head of School

American International School – Chennai

“Tim Walters visited our school and in a number of different sessions with a variety of stakeholders helped us think more deeply about our practices as educators, and how we think about the information. Tim is accessible, savvy, skillful, and smart. He would be welcome back to work with our community anytime.”

Deepa Dogra


Cambridge International School – Jalandhar, India

“Timothy, on behalf of Cambridge Family I extend my thank you for the wonderful learning sessions. We also would like to tell you that you showed us what a good teacher does to make learners become inquirers. We are really motivated and have started working on group plans for IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK)..”

Tracy George

Primary School Principal

International School Phnom Penh

“The workshop was a great success with plenty of opportunities for hands on activities, lots of laughter and a definite feeling of togetherness was created by the end of the day. Tim’s lively presenting style set everyone at ease and he attended to their cultural and language needs with expertise and respect. A great Professional Development experience!”

Professor Christopher Smith

Associate Dean

University of Cambodia

“Timothy has a tremendously positive impact on student learning at the University. His classes are challenging and rigorous and have won great popularity for their academic interest and engaging discussions.”

Y Samphy

Manager of Training and Communications

Arbitration Council Foundation – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“Timothy is a great trainer in term of both the content of his training and the way he presents it to his participants.. the content was very precise, useful and interesting.  Timothy also has excellent teaching techniques to keep the participants active throughout the session.  We would love to have him back again!”

Arnel Mercado

Director, Philippines Education Alliance


“Timothy’s workshops are fantastic! He is very energetic and organised and the training was very practical and useful for us. We have used his advice and materials regularly since meeting with him. The inquiry learning and concept cracking course was very interesting, enjoyable and has made a big difference to our work. I recommend him highly.”

Justin Cook

IB English & TOK Teacher

International School Manila

“Tim’s knowledge about the new TOK curriculum was formidable, his presentation style was entertaining, and the unit ideas and resources he shared for the new WOK’s and AOK’s were excellent. Tim highlighted [the new curriculum framework] with aplomb, inspiring our team to substantially revamp the way we go about teaching the course. I can, without reservation, highly recommend this course!”

Dylan Marshall

Teacher of IB Psychology & TOK

International School Manila

“An engaging, informative and inspiring presenter”

Ann M. Peterson, Ed.D. Educational Leadership

Head of Academics

Canadian International School, Lakeside Campus, Singapore

“Thanks, Timothy! I thoroughly enjoyed the portion of the workshop that I was able to attend..
Timothy’s workshop was engaging and thought-provoking, and it provided ideas that are readily applicable in the classroom. It was impressive to observe Timothy as he guided subject area teachers towards coming up with ways that they can implement the tenets of ToK in their classes. He is an excellent presenter and I look forward to working with him again in the future!”
And yes, I, too, hope that we can have you come in again and work with our teachers.”

Jennifer Smith

Elementary School Teacher

United World College (UWC) of South East Asia, Singapore

“Timothy is an inspiring educator; his knowledge of educational research and passion for inquiry-based learning make him an excellent workshop leader. Talking with Tim has compelled me to reflect on my own teaching practices. He would be a valuable resource in your school, and your teachers would enjoy working with him.”

Sushmita Chatterjee

IB Coordinator

NPS International School, Singapore

“.. the workshop was a combination of learning and fun. [all participants were] .. taking an active part in the discussions by the second day of the workshop! .. I do feel that the experience was most interesting and created a lot of scope for learning.”

Wendy Gifford

ToK Coordinator

International School Manila, Manila, Philippines

“We were able to get a really clear and helpful insight into the changes to the (DP/ToK) program in terms of the assessments, the curriculum and the aims and objectives. His workshop was geared to our skills and experience level and was very upbeat, interesting and most importantly, useful. His guidance made it really straightforward to implement the new program. We would love to have him back and I would thoroughly recommend him! Thanks Tim!”

Laid Karaoui

Senior School Teacher

NPS International School, Singapore

“I thank you on behalf of my colleagues for your outstanding presentation. The workshop was great and fun. I enjoyed meeting you and learning a lot from the various discussions that we did during the workshop. The atmosphere made it very comfortable to me to share my questions, thoughts and ideas. Tim is very helpful, approachable, encouraging and tuned in to where the teachers are. He’s very informative and passionate. I believe having him as an instructor was the best part.”

Mathieu Rock

Senior School Teacher

NPS International School, Singapore

“..the workshop was insightful and invigorating. I’m sure that as a new IB DP teaching faculty, I gained valuable insights into incorporating knowledge related thinking and theory into my lessons. The introduction of edmodo at the workshop allows a safe platform for both students and teachers for further discussion and sharing of renewed knowledge.”

Mark Robertson-Jones

High School and IB Diploma Coordinator

Shekou International School (Shenzhen, China)

“Having Mr. Walters present a series of workshops has been transformational. Mr. Walters skillfully engages students, staff and parents in a range of IB topics using prescient facts and humor to challenge current thinking and build understanding.”

Other participant survey feedback..

“Tim has a very energetic 
and dynamic approach to teaching.”

“Engaging, fun and very useful.”

“Extremely interesting.”

“This workshop changed the way I work for the better.”

“This was a fantastic 


“..changed the way we think about leadership.”

“…so many great new ideas.”

“Exhausting :-)

“I thank you on behalf of my colleagues for your outstanding presentation. The presentation was very clear, well-structured and easy to understand.”

“Very clear presentation, well-structured and easy to understand.”

” I wish I’d taken this workshop earlier.”

“[THE HIGHPOINT] ..was the instructor’s ability to give alternate ways of doing a task, clear expertise, and willingness to help. I especially appreciated all the practical tips, which I will be able to put to immediate use.”

“Tim is very helpful, approachable, encouraging and tuned in to where the teachers are. He’s very informative and passionate about ToK. I believe having him as an instructor was the best part.”

“Made me more positive about what I can do in the future. My skills etc”

“The organization of material was logical and built as we went along.”

“Very practical suggestions that can be quickly incorporated into daily practice”