What I Do

Whether talks, workshops or longer term consulting, my school based sessions are not specific endorsements of the values or practices of any particular organisation, but rather invitations to engage the power of inquiry and concept-led teaching and learning to stimulate motivation, deep understandings and tangible educational success. Leaners must be equipped with the tools and confidence to make and challenge complex arguments, understand divergent perspectives and find solutions to problems we have not yet imagined.


My talks present leading contemporary learning research in compelling, accessible and engaging form. Talks are organised around such essential themes as..

In-school workshops

In 1 – 3 day workshops we have the opportunity to further explore the themes above with fellow administrators, teachers, parents and / or students. All such sessions provide invaluable hands-on opportunities to interact and develop ideas and resources – and to experience teaching, thinking and learning in highly interactive and goal driven environments.

Longer-term consulting

The relative ease and spontaneity of creating fresh ideas & understandings is a defining component of an authentic culture of learning. Creating and embedding such a culture, however, requires systematic planning and forethought. I am available for the joint development of action plans for repeated or extended school visits in which comprehensive and long-term strategies are developed on whole faculty and / or departmental levels.