Who I Am

Though based in Singapore, my work takes me to schools and other learning organisations throughout Asia Pacific and beyond. My ideas and approach are informed by leading contemporary research and my own experience of teaching, lecturing, learning and reflecting on the value and design of innovative approaches to teaching practice. A key source of inspiration, in terms of both my methods and motivation, is found in the work of Ron Ritchhart, David Perkins and the Visible Thinking team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

An early focus of my own doctoral research was assessment of the potential for emerging understandings in cognitive neuroscience for redesigning the way we teach & learn.  Building upon this, a current goal is addressing a pivotal opportunity I notice in so many international schools – whether long-established or in the early stages of authorisation.  Specifically, how can we meaningfully embed the principles and practice of inquiry and concept-led learning into our curricula and classrooms?  A central aspect of my work is to challenge the widespread and deeply rooted misconception that inquiry based teaching somehow competes with, rather than facilitates, desired educational outcomes – including those relating to success in external examinations.

Learner motivation is a product rather than a prerequisite of educational success. Building skills, though essential, is not a sufficient goal. It is essential that we nurture the disposition to use these new skills. This drive to create authentic and enduring cultures of thinking is at the centre of everything I do. A related priority is supporting the growing number of school leaders working hard to implement effective, inquiry-led teaching approaches, yet unsure how to fully achieve this in the context of change resistant cultures. In my view, it is precisely in these somewhat challenging contexts where the most exciting opportunities to advance a positive agenda and facilitate deep & enduring cultural change are found.

American International School – Chennai (India)
Canadian International School (Singapore)
Tamagawa Academy (Japan)
NPS International School (Singapore)
United World College South East Asia (Singapore)
Discovery College (Hong Kong)
Dulwich College Beijing (China)
Garden International School (Malaysia)
Busan International Foreign School (South Korea)
West Island School (Hong Kong)
International School Manila (Philippines)
Singapore Sports School (Singapore)
Kamworks Sustainable Solar Solutions (Cambodia)
The University of Cambodia (Phnom Penh)
International School Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
Cambridge International School (India)
Arbitration Council Foundation (Cambodia)
The International School Bangalore (India)
Raffles Girls’ School (Singapore)
Weiyu High School (Shanghai)
Island School (Hong Kong)
King George V School (Hong Kong)
GEMS World Academy – Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
Ministry of Finance & Economics (Government of Cambodia)
and many others..